BiotechZone Marketplace: How to sell

How to sell


Steps to sell a Product:
Every verified buyer on the site, can also be a seller and start selling worldwide, without the need of creating a separate account, by creating an online store, adding products and filling their features and specifications. Once an order is received, the seller can validate the Purchase Order (P.O) and apply taxes, and after receiving the notification of the buyer's payment through PayPal, attach the invoice to the order details page and proceed to the order shipping.

The more features and specifications are filled in the product details, the bigger are the probabilities of selling. A full detailed product will also allow a more reliable comparison with other products.

Steps to sell a Service:
On, selling a service is as easy as selling a product.

Within the recently created online store, the service provider can add the full portfolio of lab services and start promoting and selling worldwide. When an order is received, and, as soon as the buyer set his needs, the service provider can deal guidelines, set the price and validate the purchase order. After getting paid, through PayPal, and immediately after the service completion, the service provider must submit all deliverables to the order details page.

For more information about the selling process, please read our Terms & Conditions.