BiotechZone Marketplace: How to buy

How to buy


Steps to complete an Order:

All the sub-accounts (e.g.: lab staff) can request orders by clicking the Buy it Now or Add to Cart button on the product details page. Each Request Order requires an order approval, held by the master-account user (e.g.: lab manager), and a subsequent sale validation by the seller. After receiving the notification of the buyer's payment, through credit/debit card or PayPal, the seller can proceed to Shipping.

The master account user can accept or reject any Request Order submitted by any member of his workgroup.
The seller must ensure the buyer is suitable to acquire the product, and, compliant with the necessary regulations.


Steps to request a Service:

Every verified user on the site can search for services and request quotes by clicking the Request Quote button on the service details page. After setting the specific needs, the buyer can proceed to the payment to the service provider, and once the service is complete, download deliverables securely in the order details page.

The hierarchical order approval, mentioned above, can also be mandatory to a purchase order. 
After the payment, the service provider must attach an invoice to the order details page.

For more information about the buying process, please read our Terms & Conditions.