BiotechZone Marketplace: Features


BiotechZone provides an entirely new e-Commerce experience for Biotech, allowing the search and order on a single website for any lab product or service, to save time when searching and make money when selling, effortlessly.
With unique science-tailored features, researchers can search, in an easier and faster way, by 1,000+ technical features and specifications, compare and review detailed listings, and buy, directly to vendors in a single checkout (avoiding multiple vendors' websites), biological products, lab consumables, chemicals, reagents, equipment, instruments, software, services and facilities, centralizing and streamlining the procurement processes, managing orders and controlling expenditures in multiple user sub-accounts.
Vendors can create a Free Online Store and add unlimited products and services for free, benefiting from advanced registration forms connected to world-class scientific databases. They are able to set ‘sales zones’ and comply with distribution agreements already in place, without inducing any geographical distribution conflict, and start selling online to new markets which don’t have any distributor - BiotechZone is perfectly suitable both for manufacturers and distributors. 
BiotechZone represents an innovative opportunity for biotech companies and institutions to maximize exposure on a specialized platform and achieve internationalization by selling worldwide 24/7, reaching new customers, and, therefore, boost sales and increase profits. Similarly, smaller or newer companies or institutions can compete equally in the booming global biotech market.
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